It’s sort of wild to be a wedding photographer. I’m there in the most intimate moments of a couple’s lives, and not just there, but really witnessing and documenting every step of the process. It’s truly a responsibility that I take very seriously. My goal is always to intrude as little as possible, to capture the simple, everyday, but profound energy that passes among the people at a wedding.

On Saturday, I had the unique responsiblity and honor of shooting the wedding of Phoebe and John. They came to me for a pre-wedding consultation right around the same time that I locked myself out of my house. I do this on occasion, usually about three times in as many days twice a year. But they just rolled with it and we had our meeting on the front steps.

Their laid back attitude was immediately supported by their wedding day description, which went something like: “you, us, our officiant. 5 minute ceremony. followed by endless photos for an hour in the most amazing locations. then hank’s oyster bar brunch.” Um. Yes please.

So, we did it. On Saturday, the prettiest day of the year, we had a tiny, intimate ceremony, in which I cried behind the lens at the sweetness and beauty of it all. After the ceremony, John says to me “it was almost scary how soon I knew she was to be my wife. I mean, you should take more time than that, right? We just knew. Immediately.”

Here are a few other favorites from the morning, all from the US Capitol and grounds.