RedwoodsBlackandWhite.jpg62. As a working, commercial creative, I am called upon to create every day. Whether it’s 7am or 10pm, I’ve been working for 10 hours or have not shot for 10 days, I sign up to create in the moment. When I look at it I have to laugh, in that it feels like an impossible task, but one that I’ve worked hard at and can achieve it for my clients. But when it’s a slow burn…it’s a different story. For the last eternal year, I’ve been marinating on a product line. It was driving me crazy…ideas that felt lackluster. Perfection and inspiration aspired toward but never nearly achieved. There was a force, a to-do list attribution toward the effort. So I began to drag my feet. But today I met with the ideal printer. Yesterday I was with my sister and baby nephew and toddler niece. And something has unlocked. It all seems easy now. I’m giving myself permission to create again. Just because I can and I get to. So here we go. From painting walls to making products that I’m proud of, I can feel it all coming forth. And am pretty excited to feel clarity and inspiration once again.