*at the request of the parents, I’m using initials to identify them in this post*
C is a desperately wanted little girl. When J and I met to discuss photography late in her second trimester, she was glowing. She and S had met, found a partner in each other, and recently married. S brought C, his son, into the relationship and an instant family they were. When J got pregnant with a little girl, her eyes sparkled and joy flowed from her. 
We set up five sessions for the next year, beginning with a fun and lovely maternity session with the family of three, about to become four. When C was born, a few weeks early, J was so overjoyed at having her daughter in her arms, but sad to no longer be pregnant. She’s likely the only woman I’ve met who mourned the loss of those last two weeks of pregnancy. 
At our newborn session, C showed that he’s a natural big brother, helping soothe little C, help around the house and keep things light and fun.
Within a few months, however, J and S found themselves in every parents’ worse nightmare: little C was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma (a type of nerve cell tumor) on her adrenal gland. The next steps were terrifying: major surgery to remove the tumor, possibly followed by several months of chemotherapy. 
J rallied every person to pray for strength and peace for her daughter and for steady and skilled doctors hands. I’m delighted to share that the prayers were felt. Little C came through the surgery this past weekend, and is home recovering now. Though the family is awaiting pathology of the tumor, the outlook so far is good. So…as these wonderful people continue down this journey, I’ll ask each of you to send up a prayer for J, S and big and little C’s. 
My very best to you, J, as you await the results of this next step. 
You all are in my thoughts each and every day.