Why I Shoot

Throughout my childhood, the camera was a family member. We are from Rochester, New York, land of the Eastman Kodak Company, and I’m a fourth-generation photographer. The picture-perfect moments were so frequent, that my Dad is forever known for his three famous words: Just one more. Just one more shot, one more moment, one more smile.

Being photographed not only made me feel important, but it also made me feel as if time slowed as if that moment was somehow pivotal. No matter how ordinary, those moments that were photographed now stand out as markers in my life. In my family, we never uttered, “do that again for the camera.” Moments were just captured as they happened, in real time. These snapshots, glimpses of how life was then, are now family heirlooms, treasures, centerpieces, and masterworks, hanging in each of our homes, now spread so far apart.

In 2008 I created this company to do the same for my clients. With each shot, together we capture what may feel like an everyday moment. But the image of that moment, hung on the wall over the years, can speak volumes and change meaning each day. If successful, it can exude the complexity of a lifetime, the profoundness of a rite of passage, and the meaning of a family through an expression of love, peace, growth, and comfort.

Smartphones of today have transitioned photography from a novelty to an ever-present activity. As a result, professional photography and the physical photographs that result are even more crucial to our collective memories. Images that tell a story, are classically framed and passed through generations create permanency in this fast-paced and impatient world.

Company History

A lot has changed as we’ve grown up these last 10 years. Working with hundreds of amazing clients each year is our greatest joy, but beyond that, we were honored to be voted by them as DC’s Favorite Family Photographer. In 2013, we expanded our team to include our incredible Studio Manager. And in 2017 we expanded yet again with the addition of our Associate Photographers. Just to keep us on our toes, we also opened a west coast office in Seattle, Washington in 2017, and in 2018 Stacey launched a new company of products: Bird&Fish, Co.
Stacey now works with DC clients for two months every spring and fall, and the remainder of the time spends her time in the Pacific Northwest with her west coast clients and too many creative projects.
Stacey’s fine art work can be seen and purchased in person at the Seattle Art Museum Gift Shop, Station 7, Venue Studios in Seattle, Washington and online at Bird&Fish, Co.

Contact Information:
202 276 2481