I’ve been trying to write these retrospective blog posts – years gone by, 10 years of running this business, building this group of friends and clients. To honor my awesome clients and my growth. And I’ve been getting stopped. I’ve been blocked a lot because the beginning was 10 years ago – when technology was different and storage too. My files from the early years are spread through 10 terabytes, which years ago seemed like storing the entire world’s files. Four terabytes of storage just 6 years ago was $2,500. I know. I paid for it. I still move it from home to home like a baby in a bassinet. Accessing those files is possible, but a tremendous undertaking. So there is that.

But I really think that underlying reason that I’ve been getting stopped is creativity. I’m in a new flux, a new flow, feeling the growth and outpouring – messy, mistaken, perfect and simple – of creativity. I’m feeling the next stage of my business, but not to say the end of this one. It’s like I’m trying on different clothes, feeling the skin on my skin – what does it feel to be this, or that?

I’m thinking of products. I’m thinking of studios. I’m thinking of corporate work for kids products. I’m thinking of moving entirely to Hawaii and retiring on our sailboat. Nope. That last thing is the only thing that has never crossed my mind. I’m thinking of growing and spreading my wings and planning and feeling powerful in these next steps. How can this life get even better? Dare I try?