As I wind down this year as a business owner, I’m beginning to feel that running a business mimics the growth from birth into adulthood. The first years you are just learning express yourself, to handle new experiences at every turn, to bounce back from making mistakes and learning not to do that again! It seems to me, that as a business enters its adolescence phase, the extremeness of every day begins to wane, the work becomes a bit more comfortable, the mistakes become (thankfully) less frequent, and its identity becomes clearer. As I enter into this new phase, I’m called to look back on 2010, and what lessons I might take with me as I continue to grow even more. At the risk of sounding like a Dr. Seuss book, as I write this, I’m coming full circle, realizing that these ‘business’ lessons are actually lessons for life.
the thought process goes like this
keep it magical
 keep it silly
breathe deeply
surround ourselves with those who love us, and who help us thrive
ask for hugs
value the little moments

venture into new territory
 learn from our history
take it easy
 laugh a lot
 create tradition
 love deeply
 eat deliciously, both sweet
and savory
 be girly
 share the love
 find bliss
 pay attention
  surprise yourself, and others
 do yoga
 be independent
 be a good sibling
 keep it simple
 celebrate the small miracles
 look up to others
and have fun.

To all of my clients – thank you! It’s been a wonderful year working with you! I truly look forward to sharing more fun memories in 2011!

All my best,