Homer and Sally are perhaps the most laid-back bride and groom I’ve ever worked with. That’s not to say that they didn’t apply a total attention to detail in planning their wedding. It just wasn’t in THE details. It seems to me that their planning was focused on their guest list, their vendors and creating an energy for the night. They hired some tremendous people, and then trusted them to pull together the smaller details that would make the day sing. And boy, did it. I just loved working at Lyon Hall, in Arlington, a really amazing and funky restaurant, new to hosting weddings. You couldn’t tell for a minute that they hadn’t done this a million times. Vicky Choy, owner of Events Accomplished, did an outstanding job, as always, making the day go smoothly and stress-free. And I was blown away by the flowers created by Julie Martens of Honey Floral Design. They were a perfect, elegant nod to spring, while striking an easy-going, modern tone to match the modern space. She also had this great idea of putting the table assignments on a mirror, which mimicked the mirrors behind the restaurant bar. I also have to thank the bride and groom for a kickin’ guest list! Turns out that my friend Amy from way back when knows Sally from a running group, former clients Marni and David are good friends of the couple, and a co-worker and friend of my brother (where the recommendation originated) was there to celebrate as well. What a fun night for all of us! Many congratulations Homer and Sally, on what was truly a perfect day.

I love these custom cufflinks, a gift from Sally to Homer, made from old subway tokens.                     DSC_4576Homer’s best friend, who’s like a brother to him, said “I can’t see Sally before he does”. They’re waiting here for her to arrive for the first look.


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Flowers: Honey Floral Design, Julie Martens

Event Planner: Vicky Choy, Events Accomplished

Photographer: Stacey Vaeth Photography

Officiant: Joan Phillips

DJ: Jay (Lyon Hall House DJ)

Transportation: Chariots for Hire