I started working with Jen years ago, in fact, maybe 7 years ago. At that time her family was her and her husband, Myke, and a small baby bump. Along came Jimmy several months later, a slight 4 pound boy with a big cry and a sweet little face. Since then we’ve worked together at least twice a year, shooting, printing and hanging photos of their growing family. The most special series that we have been working on are from my Heritage line. These I designed to stand apart from your everyday photograph or canvas mount. The image is printed on hand-deckled watercolor paper, mounted to float off of the backboard and create a small shadow for dimension, and then framed in a box frame.

Fast forward 7 years and we’re working on perhaps the final installation for this particular series. Ella, Jimmy and Annie’s images are on the wall, and the image that we chose for Joey is on the laptop. IMG_5405