I had a fun shoot this weekend, documenting a family trait that has been passed down through three generations, at least. Kerri contacted me because she said her son, husband, and father-in-law all have the same hands, and it was something that they wanted to capture…

Try telling a two year old why looking into the camera is important for family history. Now try telling a two year old to hold his hands still and pose them just so, just like dad and grandpa did.

Yeah, it isn’t all that well received. So how did we get these shots? A little game I like to play called “Hide the cheerio!”

So we had fun, loosening up Cameron and playing around.

It was a great shoot, and I hope that those pictures start a trend for the fourth, fifth and sixth generations to follow.

Off to Vermont to shoot Keith and Cristin’s wedding this weekend – more on that on Monday!