For those of you who have been to my shared studio space in Mt. Pleasant, DC, you know that I do wall art for Past Tense Yoga Studio. Every year, I create a new exhibit, and we auction off the previous year’s work and donate the proceeds.

This year, I wanted to create something a bit more abstract, to reflect my personal style and love of color, as well as to create images that you can really meditate on while practicing yoga. The first year I did images of the west coast from my travels, the second year, I created a water theme from images from around the world, and this last year were simple flowers and shapes from the garden.

Here’s my favorite image from the incoming collection. The exhibit will be up next Friday, the auction from the outgoing collection is going on now. Stop by Past Tense Yoga Studio (3253 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, WDC 20010) to put in your bid if any caught your eye.

These pieces are always for sale, at any time of the year, as well. Just give a shout for more information.