It’s Not About the Gear Photography Classes
10am – 12pm
July 28, August 4, August 11

I get one question more than any other:
Q. What camera should I buy to take good pictures?
A. It’s not about the camera. Not to say that a high quality camera and lens selection aren’t important. Of course they are. But the fundamentals of photography are housed in the ever-expanding instincts and knowledge of the photographer. Buying the $7,979.99 bike that Lance Armstrong rode to win the Tour de France may make riding a little easier, but I ain’t winning the Tour on it.
Join us for a summertime photo class series to learn how to use the camera that you do have to its fullest capacity. The foundation topics we’ll cover can apply to shooting people, landscapes, abstracts or anything else you can dream up.
Part 1: Settings. A focus on moving your camera from program settings to all manual. We’ll discuss camera settings and answer all of your questions. We’ll view some successful and not-so-successful images to illustrate the impact of making different setting choices.
Part 2: Composition. Have you ever taken a picture of something gorgeous and inspirational; only to view it later and say “it looked so much better in person?” The compositional choices you make as a photographer determine the visual impact of the final product. Learn to compose your images to create the image you intended.
Part lecture/part shooting.
Part 3: Lighting.  In this class, we’ll discuss natural light techniques and put them into practice on location. Minimal lecture, mainly shooting.
A digital SLR is recommended, but not required for this series. Please bring all lenses that you have, a digital memory card, and a charged battery.
Stacey will roam throughout the group during the workshops to view your images as you shoot, and answer your questions.
This series is intended for the novice to intermediate photographer.
$60/per class or $150 for the full series.

To register, email: info (@) with which date/s you will attend. You will receive a Paypal invoice for your session fee.