Kaarin is a former yoga student of mine. Navin is her best friend. Kaarin and I began working together on a project called Jackie and Marilyn. She runs a company called Closet Caucus, which helps build women up on the inside, by helping them shine on the outside. She’d do her thing, and I’d do mine, giving excited women a makeover and a photo shoot – a pretty fun little project of ours. 
Kaarin and Navin are now writing their love story. They were best friends first, confidants, who fell in love. In this book, to which they tied their wedding rings before their ceremony, they filled the pages with memories and momentos of their days together so far. 
 Irina was the makeup artist who joined us for the Jackie and Marilyn experiment. The ol’ crew, back together again…making Kaarin even more glowing and gorgeous than she is every day.
 A moment for Kaarin and her mom.
 The first look.
These four candles were placed at the couples feet while they were married. They hand wrote their favorite poems and writings, and wrapped them around the candles. 
 Taking the “seven steps” as a new couple, led by Navin’s dad.
 Kaarin’s father is a military chaplain, and married the couple.
 Kaarin’s vintage dress is from the 1950’s. A family friend hand tea-dyed the crinoline underneath the skirt, to match the six-decade old fabric.
Below, the entirety of the guest list, in post ceremony hugs. Just Kaarin’s and Navin’s immediate family. How different. How peaceful. How refreshing.
 The families come together.
After the Morrison House ceremony, we moved into a small room for brunch. The families share stories about their kids, and we all shared amazing food.
On our way to finish the ceremony!
So, the ceremony was full of richness, tradition and family intimacy. But it stopped short of officially declaring the couple as man and wife. It was really important to Kaarin and Navin that they show support for the District of Columbia’s equal rights marriage amendment. But their chosen venue was in Virginia….so how to resolve the conflict? A quick metro ride, of course!
Waitin’ for the metro.
 Once we crossed over the border into DC….they become man and wife!
We had a few uninvited guests on the metro (or were we not invited to their metro ride?) … so shocking one of them that they sent it off to the Huffington Post, covered here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/11/wedding_n_1587122.html#slide=1149294
Kaarin and Navin, I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of your sweet ceremony. You two are an amazing couple, great friends, and blessed to have found each other. Cheers to your great future!