About a year ago, I get this email through my online website form, from a Jason, asking about my wedding packages. After a few back and forth email’s, we sent up a meeting downtown to discuss their wedding. I show up a few early, and in walks one of my former yoga students. It takes me a second to put two and two together, when his girlfriend, Stina, also a former student, joins him. They sit down and say “we thought it would be a fun surprise not to tell you!”

Needless to say, so much fun to work for folks that you respect so much, and who are so vibrant at heart.

Their lovely wedding brought Stina’s family in from Sweden, and united many friends from California and around the country. Meadowlark Garden, in Virginia, one of my favorite family portrait locations, provided the perfect backdrop for this heartfelt ceremony.

The gorgeous bride:
I love this shot of the “first look” among Jason and Stina. It’s as if they can’t believe that the day is finally here!
During the ceremony, Stina choked up (as did I). During the toasts, her father said “This is true love and commitment, for us Swedes don’t often cry. “
The ceremony was so pitch perfect. A misty haze settled over the gorgeous landscape. The bride and groom had picked very heartfelt and unique music to set the mood for the ceremony, then walked down the aisle together, in typical Swedish fashion.
During the ceremony, a gong was hit every few minutes, which resonated throughout the gardens and really deepened the emotion of the vows. Come to find out that the gong was not theirs, nor did anyone know where it came from! How perfectly serendipitous.
The witnesses!
The Bridal Party!

Music provided by One Nite Stand, who performs every Monday night at Madams Organ, in my home neighborhood of Adams Morgan.
Post Ceremony, on the grounds…
The relief – we did it! photo

Pre-ceremony, mid-day sun
Post-ceremony, dusk….
The ever gorgeous Meadowlark Gardens

Many congratulations Jason and Stina! What an honor to work with you both.
Have an amazing honeymoon!
more soon,