But lately it appears I am actually a web designer and accountant. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, because see I think that those two career tracks definitely would be a bit more stable, because, see, well everyone has to do taxes, and companies pay a lot for websites, and, and, oh, who am I kidding, I would be miserable…

So back to the subject at hand. Despite that fact that my photo eye is cramped and cloudy and a bit mopey because it is camped out in front of the computer … i am thrilled, thrilled! to share with you my new website. The trouble was worth it and now i even know what color FFFFFF stands for (in RGB). Which i am sure will be very handy.

So, head on over to www.staceyvaeth.com to check out the new site – it’s supersized. My web designer hat was fun for a while, but nowhere near as fun as my photographer hat. The accountant hat, well, we won’t go there. And don’t worry, no accounting posts in the near future.

Here’s a few shots from my one saving grace this past week – a fun shoot at one of my favorite restaurants, Vermillion…..thanks Kevin, Dave and Tony!