One of my favorite bridal blogs in this area is called District Weddings. They have a great series on etiquette tips right now, and the piece from this morning struck my interest. The question was: Are wedding favors something to leave out when considering budget?

The response was that favors really remind your friends and family how happy you were that they came to celebrate with you on your wedding day, and they should be infused with love and thoughtfulness, not necessarily expense. I couldn’t agree more!

It brought to mind the wedding of Sam and Rachel from this past fall, in which Rachel created so many personal touches to their wedding day, that the entire event was just infused with their personalities. I know their guests felt the same way. Here are a few of the items that they made:

Home-brewed beer (called Nuptial Bliss!)

And lovely and delicious truffles as wedding favors, handmade and wrapped in these adorable little boxes.

All of my couples LoVE to hear ideas … what did you do for your wedding favors or personal wedding touches?!