All these months I have been waiting for a winter scene in which to bring out some clients and shoot them having fun. I heard recently about a friend of a friend who had an Iowa wedding…in December. Guests sat on bales of hay, monogrammed blankets were the party favors, the bride had a white fur stole. A photographers dream. At least this crazy photographer. See, I grew up in Rochester, New York, and then voluntarily moved further into the deep freeze, to Buffalo, New York. Until the age of 24 I lived in a world of 4 seasons: snow, snow, snow and construction. I have love affair with the way the sun falls over a hillside of freshly fallen snow, how light glints off of a dripping icicle. And here in DC, well, we have none of that. Although school is canceled when the temperature drops below 32 degrees (4 feet of snow in 24 hours in Buffalo and outdoor track practice is still on), I have not yet felt a true winter here. So, when four inches of real, god-honest snow fell yesterday, I grabbed the first clients I could and got them out there. Actually, they are potential clients. They called me to talk to me about their wedding, and I practically pushed them into the street before answering their questions. Sorry guys! Anyway, here are a few grab shots of Jonathan and Jackie: