Some of you might not know that in addition to photographing cute babies and spectacular weddings, I also photograph food and restaurant operations. Food photography is actually some of my favorite work because I have the opportunity to work with other artists: chefs and bakers. When a plate comes to me to be photographed, and is stylized perfectly, it’s like photographing a master’s sculpture. The art has already been created, and I get to amplify it by capturing the ways in which light hits that sculpture. Whether it’s a single egg, or a complicated pork chop with parsnips, food photography offers the ultimate in creativity.

But this isn’t an element of my business that I have been promoting. So when The Art Institute of Washington (ironically located in Arlington, VA) contacted me a few weeks back to be a part of their DC FotoWeek Exhibit, entitled YUM!, I was beyond honored.

The exhibit is ongoing until this Saturday, November 14th and the reception is tonight at 6:30pm. Click here for the Washington Post write-up of the event.

The top image and this one are both in the exhibit:

If you’d like to see more of my food photography, check out the Commercial side of Stacey

On a personal note, yes, I am an aspiring foodie ala the Houndstooth Gourmet. But these days of back to back holiday shoots and orders means “gourmet dinner” in the Vaeth Gonzalez household is Grapenuts with banana and soy milk.

more soon,