Say hello to my cover baby for this season…a joyful shot to open up my website. This little Gillian is such a cutie, and she was into these pumpkins! It has been a while since I uploaded my images from a shoot and was shocked at what popped onto the screen. Remember with film, when you just had a feeling of what your pictures might look like, and how exciting it was when you flipped through them, crisp from the lab, and saw what you shot for the first time? I had that feeling when I saw this image on my screen.

On Saturday morning, I joined Liz and nine families at her beautiful home. She had tons of windows, front porch, great hardwood floors from the early 20th century, a season-perfect fence, and so much more. The only struggle i had was to choose where to shoot with each child. So, as my mini sessions go, I worked with each family for 20 minutes…here are some of my favorites from the session. I’ll post more tomorrow or later today – there were about 30 favs that I couldn’t narrow down.

More soon…mini sessions, baby, mini sessions, baby, engagement….it’s been a busy weekend!