I had the great joy of working with Daily Candy Editor Erin Hartigan this morning for a fun photoshoot. In addition to the first three notes of every good song produced in the 1970’s, a list of shoot locations always floats around in my head. For this beautiful spring days shoot, a nearby wonderful street loaded with endless colorful rowhouses seemed like the perfect fit. Then Erin shows up in this green shirt, her green eyes glowing in the light, and I thought, yeah, that’s about exactly what I was looking for. So we went over to the location and she rocked it.

And one that pulls me back to some image that I saw of Joan Baez years ago…Erin sure looks great in color, but I love this antique treatment of her as well. Her soulful, creative self just shines through.

If you haven’t before checked out her work on the Daily Candy – take a look. Small businesses owners like me owe her the world for the support she gives us, and women like me are crying mercy because of all the great things we find and have to have on the Daily Candy each and every day. Check it out – it’s the best local resource around.