This weekend I had the joy of traveling to shoot the wedding of Stephanie and Aaron.
Stephanie is a triplet, and last year I photographed her sister and brother-in-law’s gorgeous wedding.

This past winter, I photographed their Times Square engagement session, in which we did a famous reenactment. Together we created an awesome guest book from that session, and a large wall art print of the famous photograph. That print is an instant family heirloom that I’m sure their kids and kids kids will love. 

So, when they asked me to do their wedding in Long Island, I jumped at the opportunity. Assisted by the fantastic Cary Barker, of Christine Barker Photography, we drove up on Friday, and shot this daytime wedding on Saturday.

The bride and her sister.
The wedding was on the Long Island Sound, and the tropical Crescent Beach Club.

The mother of the bride. There were lots of tears of joy at this wedding. 
I love the Navy Sword Arch, to close the ceremony. The bride and groom have to kiss to gain passage through each cross of the swords. 
And after the last passage, the Navy man taps the bride on the backside, and shouts “Welcome to the Navy!”
This bridal party was 90% the same people as were in Chris and Alexis’ wedding. It’s enviable that their group of friends are so tight. With each wedding, they’re growing closer in friendship and love.
Aaron and Steph choreographed a great dance for their first song….I’m told that Aaron really stepped it up in rehearsals and got into the dance, but by my account, they both stole the show.
So many more images to share, but this one has to be included. Guess who caught the garter? Stephanie and Alexis’ triplet brother. Guess who caught the bouquet? His long-time girlfriend. Perhaps another blog post for this family in the fall of 2012? Just sayin….:)

Aaron and Steph, you two are the best. The bonding of not only yourselves and your families, but also the strengthening of your tight-knit group of friends is just inspirational to witness. I  hope you’ve rested up from your marathon wedding week and are enjoying these first days as newlyweds.