If you have not yet checked out Kaarin, owner of Closet Caucus…you absolutely must. I’m not kidding. I don’t say this lightly, but Kaarin offers one of the best services you never knew you needed. Have you ever watched “What Not to Wear?” and thought….”I wonder what they would say to me”? Wonder no longer. Kaarin offers a service where she comes to your home, and goes through your closet (I know, I cringed at the thought as well. She’s super gentle and kind.) and helps guide you through what is working in terms of your fashion, and what you can add/subtract to make it more, well, more “you”. This actually isn’t strictly a female service that she offers, Kaarin got her start working with men on developing their personal style. If you want more details, I’m happy to share, but essentially, Kaarin went through my closet, deconstructed all that I normally wear (yoga pants, yoga pants, and, oh yes, yoga pants), and found new ways to put everything together. The result? I feel like I have more clothes than I could wear in a year, feel really, honestly, fabulous when I look in my closet now, and haven’t spent a dime. Oh, and bonus? She gave me permission to get rid of the bridesmaid dress that outlived the marrige, and has been hanging in my closet for 5 years, taking up 5, count em, 5 valuable inches of real estate.
Totally worth it.

In exchange for changing the way I see my body and my clothes for good, here are some pics I did of her for her in-development website. I think I got the long end of the stick on this one.

Here is her info, if you want more info of your own:
closetcaucus (at) gmail (dot) com

The new studio in all it’s glory. Oh, how I love it!!
More soon –