Emma Saal – Yoga Teacher, Past Tense

A new yoga studio is opening in Mt. Pleasant on July 13. Past Tense yoga studio is founded by freelance writer, Kelly Dinardo, and I’ll be contributing what I can as teacher, mentor, and resident photographer. Particularly of interest to those reading this post, the studio will also serve as a real, honest to goodness, photography studio space for Stacey Vaeth Photography.

I can’t tell you how excited and lucky I am to be a part of this endeavor. Kelly was one of those people in my life that pushed and supported me to start Stacey Vaeth Photography. She’s a brilliant freelancer, ever optimistic, fair and hard-working.

So when her long-held dream of opening a studio began to ripen (like all good ideas, it came as an inkling that wouldn’t go away, and then blossomed into the next, inevitable step of her life) and she asked me to be a part of it by contributing my creative vision, well, I was honored.

In just two short months, she has built a beautiful yoga studio, gutting the old office space that lay vacant for too long. I put my creative spin on a few things, but the master vision and action is all Kelly.

Past Tense promises to be a creative enclave in Mt. Pleasant, where people can come to discover themselves and a develop a greater connection with their true purpose on this life.

Join us this Saturday for an open house – from 10 – 2, Sunday at 7pm for a free outdoor yoga class with yours truly (across the street from the Studio) and on Monday for our inaugural classes.

For those of you who are signed up for mini sessions this weekend with me, don’t worry, I haven’t double booked, I’ll be at the open house after we finish up, around 11:00 am.

And now, the pictures. This fun project continues still, but here are a few to kick it off. I’m still lacking a few of our teachers, but…Presenting…most of the teachers of Past Tense yoga studio:

Yours Truly, Stacey Vaeth Gonzalez (photo by: John Vaeth)





Kelly Dinardo, Owner, Past Tense

And from our first outdoor yoga class in Lamont Park, Mt. Pleasant:

More soon…in the meantime, check out www.pasttensestudio.com