This weekend I did a maternity shoot, a 5 hour fashion extravaganza shoot (complete with makeup and wardrobe makeovers), a mini session with 18 month olds, and this rooftop shoot with two great models and fellow shooter, my dad. I would like to say that all the work brought out the best in me, but at the end of the last day, having hauled my 12th load of 50 pounds of gear in 24 hours, well, let’s just say it was not my finest moment. I live a blessed life, this I know. Well, with all that gear, the 2 story walkup ain’t much of a blessing, but generally, things are good. Creating images and challenging my brain to figure out solutions day in and day out really makes me feel useful, engaged and ever-growing. But, as life goes, the internal driver that pushes me to get out there and do this every day also is often accompanied by the internal critic that tells me I have no business doing what I do – that clearly there are people way more qualified than I. So with these two little guys spinning around in my head – the pusher and the critic – vying for space and attention in an exhausted body and mind – I gave in and melted down.

But 24 hours of distance and rest gives just enough perspective to realize that the stress on body and mind is temporary. The pusher makes us grow and the critic, while a little irrational, is only trying to make us do better. And now, with my ramblings all out in the open, I have this set of images to share. And, hey critic – that’s enough for today. Just be quiet and look how pretty Kaarin and Sarah are.